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A Class for Everybody

 If you've landed here, perhaps you saw my social media, or maybe a     trusted friend mentioned my name to you. However you've found     yourself here, I'm deeply grateful.

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Daily golf tips and workouts from newbie to pro. Here you'll find motivation, community and results to keep you moving forward. 


  From beginners to pros, Kerry's golf programs are tailor-made to enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and get you ready to shine on the golf course. These programs include various skills of golf, including stance, grip, ball position, and swing drills.


Every workout curated by Kerry is designed to tap into a holistic well-being. With each session, you don't just build muscle; you cultivate determination, perseverance, and inner strength. The daily online workouts have been crafted with love, ensuring that every woman, regardless of her fitness level, finds a challenge suited to her needs and goals.


Much like in business and life, in golf and fitness, your network is your asset. The connections, the shared moments, the mutual learning ‚Äď they form the bedrock of growth. If you're seeking to build such meaningful relationships, you're in the right place.

If you're ready to radically redefine your relationship with golf or fitness, to truly invest in yourself, I welcome you with open arms. Dive in, watch the testimonials, and let's start this transformative journey together. Your best version awaits on the green and beyond.


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Dive Deep into a Community of Support

The feedback and shared stories from this powerful community of women have been nothing short of heartwarming. Your stories, challenges, and triumphs are the heartbeat of this platform. Here, you'll find:

  • Free golf tips that can refine your game.
  • Thoughtful golf training programs tailored to your pace and skill.
  • Daily workouts that have caught the attention of women globally.

Daily Workouts

Fitness is not only about toned muscles or the number of reps; it's about the spirit, the mind, and the heart. I believe that true fitness goes beyond the physical, relating to mental resilience, emotional well-being, and community support.

Facing Challenges in Golf or Fitness? It's Okay to Ask for Help!

Golf isn't just a sport, and fitness isn't just about physical well-being. Both are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and sometimes, even the most passionate of us need a helping hand.

Golf Programs

You have a unique path, and I offer specialized training programs. Whether you're a beginner finding your footing or an advanced player sharpening your skills, my programs cater to your specific needs, ensuring growth at every stage.

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Live Golf Programs

Kerry's Live Online Golf Program

Beginner and Pro Golfers Welcome

  • Stress free learning
  • ¬†Live or recorded to fit your busy schedule
  • Live chats to answer your questions
  • Have Kerry analyze your swing video
  • Build your course confidence
  • These live online lessons are offered a various times during the year, click below to see current programs being offered
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Recorded Golf Programs

Kerry's Recorded Online Golf Offerings

All the videos in one place accessible through Kerry's App

  • Kerry's¬†Back Pro in your backpocket 21 Lesson Pac
  • Kerry's best golf drills
  • Kerry's¬†best golf tips
  • Kerry's golf gear and gadget suggestions
  • and much more!



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Your commitment to golf and fitness is about more than just the game or the workouts ‚Äď it's about investing in yourself. It's about showing up, even on days when you'd rather not. And with a community like this by your side, every swing, every workout, becomes an experience.

Let's connect!

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