Hello, I'm Kerry Maher.


Introducing Kerry Maher: Elevating Lives Through Get Vertical, Golf & Fitness

Meet Kerry Maher, a shining star whose connection with us transcends words.

The pandemic reshaped lives, especially for small businesses. Kerry, a force in the business world, adapted to a home-centered routine. In her garage, she embarked on a fitness journey, taking to "Facebook Live." Surprisingly, two individuals joined her that day.

Unpredictably, Kerry's daily virtual gatherings have reached people worldwide. Her group includes various ages, genders, and fitness levels. The day begins with gratitude and unfolds with energizing movement, often sprinkled with humor 😉

This is a tale of renewal, resilience, and trusting instincts. Kerry epitomizes genuine community, offering an authentic haven during uncertain times.

Amid the simplicity of her garage, minimal equipment, and no frills, Kerry symbolize the potential for profound transformation with modest resources.

Join us on a transformative journey, where unity and strength interweave. Welcome to Kerry Maher's "Get Vertical," where every step uplifts and connections empower.


My Mission


I love connecting with people and learning their story and then connecting them with other wonderful human beings.  I love to move and to encourage anyone who will join me to move their beautiful bodies a little everyday, and take just 2% of their day to put themselves first and take care of their health. Most of all I love teaching golf  by focusing not only on the skills you need but also helping people have a little fun and boost their confirdence on and off the course!

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