Daily Workouts/Spin/Yoga and more in the Warrior Community (Hosted on Mighty Networks) 

Workouts are live 5 days a week at 7am ADT. Golf is live at 7:45 am ADT (30 minutes) Monday/Wed/Friday. You can do them live or view the recorded version later when it's convenient for you! 

The golf portion of this offering will be focused on strength training and stretching.  This will include live question and answer chats, mobility and stretching exercises, drills, and practice ideas Tuesdays and Thursdays following the workouts. 


Video Summary of the Workout and Golf Community below:

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If you're not sure about the works, sign up for the 7 day free trial and start by coming to a Friday Bicep Blowoff!

Take just 2% of your day to take care of #1, get vertical, share your gratitude and get on the path to a stronger more confident you.  Be sure to join 20 minutes before class starts for "Coffee talk"


Rachel R

 If Pigs Could Fly Workout Testimonial Celebration!


Jane T

Seriously though...I was thinking about why your workouts in particular have worked for me when in the past I have been so intimidated by weights, gyms and exercise classes. This is what I have come up with...

You encourage people to start where they are and repeat that often. 

You not only show how to modify, you actually modify certain exercises for yourself so there is no feeling of being less or not belonging if you can’t do something. 

It’s about progress not perfection. Doing things safely  and well for as long as you need to before adjusting when the time is right.

You encourage us to take our HEALTH seriously, but not ourselves seriously. There is such freedom in being able to show up in pajamas and being encouraged to laugh along the way. The workouts are intense, but YOU are not intense which keeps people tuning in because they aren’t overwhelmed.

So thank you, Kerry. You really opened a door for me that I’ve wanted to walk through for a long time but I couldn’t get my head around how. I’m really grateful. 🙏🏻


Krysta B

A friend of mine told me she was doing Kerry work outs during the pandemic I asked her what was a Kerry workout?? She shared the fb group with me and I was instantly drawn in to Kerry’s infectious smile and cheery disposition! Kerry is a normal working mom who is pushing people to be the best version of themselves by getting vertical one day at a time, reminding people to show up more than they don’t. She reminds you it’s ok to fall off the wagon just get back on. When I went to back to the office and back to the gy.m I actually missed Kerry and her check ins so some days I would just log on to hear what she was talking about. She has a talent to teach and inspire people and the small warrior group she has built has reconnected people who haven’t chatted in years. Kerry Maher workouts are 30 mins of feeling positive, telling yourself yes you can and laughing while she shares a story. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed ❤️ Sent from my iPhone


Posting this as a reinder to myself (and sharing here in case others need the same message) that ALL or NOTHING pretty much never serves me. That may be why Kerry's workouts and encouragement draw me in like nothing else ever has ...
because it's progress not perfection. This morning I overslept and missed the 7am live workout. Poison Ivy (the mean girl in my head)
started in on me as soon as I opened my eyes with a big pile of criticism.

But then I heard a louder voice in my head that said "just show up more than you don't and be kind to yourself" (it was the voice of my petite blond fairy god-sister with wicked muscles) and she scared Poison Ivy away.

Thank you Kerry for always making this about the process, not the outcome - and reminding us that moving our bodies every day is an act of self care that benefits our mental and physical health and gives us energy for our busy lives.  I'm still learning to remember to take care.


Ok just finished listening to
your lovely coffee hour,
pressing play now ! So
excited to work out ! I can't
start my day without it!!!!.
Looking forward to that end
"high " on life feeling that always comes !!! yes !!!!


Grateful for the wisdom friends, life and this group have brought me in learning to listen to my body, for the m·ndset that has allowed me to keep moving this week  instead of giving in to my injury, and for this group reminding me to start my day off with gratitude.


Grateful for these workouts on frigid days when nothing else is open. Thanks Kerr, for this mind saving, body  building, life altering exercise experience! ~