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Golf Pro in your Back Pocket - 20 Recorded Lessons from Kerry to go from Beginner to Winner!

In this set of recorded lessons, Kerry goes over many of the clubs and shots and shares tips and stories that you are likely to remember, and hear repeated in your mind in future golf rounds and we hope bring you a little boost of confidence as you work through the series of lessons and tips! Enjoy!


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Kerry's Hottest Golf Tips

Kerry's 21 Hottest Golf Tips

Here are my favourite most golf tips of all time, all together in one place! Learn with great visuals and basic language here!

The Champagne Heel and the Toilet paper roll are here! Learn the why and how's behind my hot and best tips ever! 

Have fun, while you learn and grow here with Ker.







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Kerry's Favorite Golf Drills

Kerry's Favorite Golf Drills.

Here are my favourite golf drills. They are sure to help you improve. I like to keep things simple and easy. I break down these drills for you, so you can go work on your game effectively. Goof solid things to practise, like now! High 5! Ker










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